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Are you a company with a huge fleet of plant for hire looking to attract more clients? Take advantage of our massive user base searching for construction equipment for hire.

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Got any construction equipment or machinery that has been sitting around doing nothing? With Dig a Deal you can put it to good use and earn some money at no cost to you!

Do you have equipment or machinery that’s not being used? Turn it into income for free! Become a supplier and get exposure to a growing pool of operators looking to hire equipment. Our customers range from individual hires for small, short-term tasks to large corporate clients seeking long-term equipment rental for big projects.

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Create a free profile to add your machinery and services to get exposure to our large base of plant for hire searches.

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Take advantage of our large customer base of tens of thousands of searches per month from people looking to rent both dry and wet equipment.

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No matter the size of your request, we cater to both corporate clients with large projects looking for wet hires and individual clients who need to dry hire equipment for their short jobs. We have got everyone covered!

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